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Terms & Conditions

Before using eMapia.com, please review carefully the terms and conditions mentioned below. Whenever the terms "User", "Users", “Member”, “Members”, "You" or "Your" are used in the website, they would refer to anyone accessing eMapia.com website or services for any reason. Whenever the terms "Our", "We" or "Us" are used in the website, they would refer eMapia.com.

Clicking on the "Submit" button shows your acceptance of the terms, conditions, restrictions and notices contained in the website. eMapia.com may modify or amend these terms and conditions by updating this posting without notice and it would be effective immediately.

Note: in eMapia.com, users are defined as Service Providers or Product Sellers. They are also considered the ones who use the services provided in the website even if they did not offer anything for sale. This is for the purpose of this agreement.

Eligibility of Membership

Use of eMapia.com is available only to persons who can form legally binding contracts under applicable law. Users who are incompetent to contract including users under the age of 18 years, are not eligible to use the site. If you are registering as a business entity, represent that you have the authority to bind the entity in your user profile.

By clicking on the "Submit" button you agree that you provide accurate, true, current and complete information about yourself.

Maintain and promptly update your registration data to keep it accurate, true, current and complete. If you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete or if we have reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, or not in accordance with the User Agreement, we have the right to suspend or terminate your membership and refuse to provide you with access to the our website.

Membership Termination

eMapia.com reserves the right to terminate and/or deactivate the membership of any member for any reasons that we judge to violate the Terms and Conditions with no prior notification. Members that violate the Terms and Conditions will not receive any credit or payment from eMapia.com. Members who got their membership terminated and/or deactivated would not be eligible to receive any payment.

Description of Services

eMapia.com is a location based marketplace that provides a platform with a variety of tools, services and benefits that enable people willing to sell items or provide services to efficiently and cost effectively manage their business. At the same time it offers similar benefits for people who are willing to purchase items for effective shopping.

Users of eMapia.com understand and agree to the following:

eMapia.com is only acting as a marketplace, and has no liability based on, or related to, the third-party content on its site, whether arising under the laws of copyright or other intellectual property, defamation, libel, privacy, obscenity, or any other legal discipline. eMapia.com does not control nor always review the web sites to which links are provided. We, therefore, cannot endorse the content, products, services, practices, policies, or performance of such web sites, and Users should not treat any link as such an endorsement or acceptance of veracity or value.

eMapia.com is not obligated to control, research, verify, validate, or approve the content that is received or viewed on its web site. We expect that the users will undertake necessary activities and practices to inform us for any content that violates or misleads them in order to take appropriate action. We will use caution and common sense when using eMapia.com for User's account.

Users Content

User is solely responsible for content or any other information User provides to eMapia.com. User understands and agrees to the following:

By submitting User content to eMapia.com (including, but not limited to creating your Account, posting a profile, posting your location, listing items; sending messages through or to eMapia.com), you grant to eMapia.com a worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free license to use, copy, modify, display, and perform User content, under all User intellectual property and proprietary rights worldwide. Providing links to content hosted on servers other than that of eMapia.com (such as a portfolio of sample works hosted on your own web site) will not be considered "submitting" such content for purposes of this license grant. eMapia.com has the right to remove any content that judges to be violating its rules without any prior notification.

General Restrictions

Users of eMapia.com should not distribute spam "unsolicited commercial messages" through User's account.

Users of eMapia.com should not create multiple user accounts to add fake ratings, avoid bad ratings or suspension on eMapia.com.

Users of eMapia.com should not engage in personal attacks on other users, unfair criticism or other forms of unprofessional online practices.

User Restrictions


Users are prohibited from advertising on eMapia.com. Any URL posted in a listing, feedback, or the message board must relate to a shipment listing on eMapia.com or it will be treated as advertisement or any other form of relation.


Users are prohibited to list and/or deal with items (and their association) that are included in the following list:

  1. Drugs (excluding generally accepted medicines)
  2. Pork meat
  3. Gambling items/materials
  4. Porno and/or Sexual items/materials
  5. Alcohol (wine,beer, ..etc)


eMapia.com charges for periodic premium membership fees and associated value adding services and does not take commissions from deals that users receive. eMapia.com would suspend the membership of the user if he/she failed to pay the required fees on time.

Dispute Resolution

Disputes of any king regarding arrangements between eMapia.com and users remain solely between eMapia.com and users. eMapia.com is not involved in any transactions between users that use its marketplace as a service. By clicking "SUBMIT" You agree and acknowledge that eMapia.com will not be a party to any such dispute or be obligated to take any action toward resolving any such dispute.

Clicking "SUBMIT" would release eMapia.com from all claims, damages (consequential and actual), and demands of every kind and nature, known and unknown, related to any and all dispute that may exist between you and other users of eMapia.com.

Governing Law

The User Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of The United Arab Emirates.

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