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What is eMapia?

eMapia is a location based marketplace. People can browse through the country they live in to find businesses/people who added items for sale. Using Google Maps, you can check what is available for sale in areas near you!

What does it sell?

eMapia doesn’t sell anything, it is people who sell different things through eMapia by pointing their location on the map and then adding their items to allow people see what is available for sale.

What is the difference between eMapia and marketplaces like eBay and others?

The main difference is the user experience. In eMapia, you can search for products using the map based on the location. You can then search for people selling specific items within a geographical location you choose.

The other difference is that eMapia is not an auction based marketplace. People add items and their prices and wait for others to approach them by email, phone or private messages.

How does eMapia work?

eMapia connects buyers with sellers in a new & innovative way. Using Google Maps, you zoom to a location where you wish to see what is available for sale. The list will be updated automatically as you zoom in and out. The list of items will be available on your left side to see what each location is selling.

When you click on an item, a message will appear that displays all necessary information regarding the item. You will be able to get the detail contact information of the seller and any other information you wish to know about.

Any bidding required to buy items?

At this moment, eMapia doesn’t provide bidding facilities. All items are added with a fix price set by the sellers, unless the seller announces that he is willing to negotiate for a deal.

How can I buy things from people selling through eMapia?

You can contact the sellers directly! The phone number and email of the seller will be displayed on the detailed item page along with the facilities to send a personal message to him. You can contact the seller and decide on the best way to meet and finish the deal.

Can I sell my items on eMapia?

Yes and it’s for FREE!

All you need to do is to register using the following link:


Finish the registration steps and you will able to add up to 5 items immediately.

How can I list more than 5 items?

eMapia offers the ability to add up to 5 items for free. To be able to add more items, you will need to register as a premium member. Details of this will be added soon.

Does eMapia take commissions when selling items?

No. eMapia doesn’t get involve between the seller and the buyer. It only provides a platform for them to be able to reach and contact each other. eMapia will take a fix amount of money per year for members who wish to upgrade their accounts to the premium membership. This membership will give them the ability to add more than 5 items and receive other incentives that will be announced in a later stage.

Can I sell anything on eMapia?

You can sell anything except for specific items that are prohibited. The list of prohibited items includes:

  1. Drugs (excluding generally accepted medicines)

  2. Pork meat

  3. Gambling items/materials

  4. Porno and/or Sexual items/materials

  5. Alcohol (wine, beer, ..etc)

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