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User Name: fiona1carolan
Email: fiona1carolan@gmail.com
Phone: 971-050 7583175
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Pet Sitter/ Pet minder - emapia.com
Title: Pet Sitter/ Pet minder
Brief Description: Contact: 050 7583175- Fiona Email: fiona1carolan@gmail.com Pet sitting reduces the stress for both your pet and you. Care is provided at home so as keeping your loved ones happy and in there comfort
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Added Date: 2008-12-10
Visits: 61
Country: United Arab Emirates
Detailed Description: PET SERVICES: Feeding pets according to precise instructions & Purchasing food if necessary! Bringing fresh drinking water Walking dogs and letting them out into the garden Letting cats out to roam and supervising them Loves and hugs and individual playtime. Keeping an eye on health Light grooming Giving medication (if required) Cleaning the pet's living area and litter box and disposal of waste Bringing pets to the vet when required. HOME SERVICES: Security check of your residence and check for any hazards that could cause damage to property or pets. Watering indoor plants. checking mail and messages if necessary.

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