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Abu Dhabi Himalayan Kittens - emapia.com
Title: Abu Dhabi Himalayan Kittens
Brief Description: For Sale Himalayan Kittens,Very Sweet type of cats and loving..They are type of cars that have eyeliner in their eyes ,this kittens are already trained for their litters..
Category: 15
Price: AED 1500
Quantity: 1
Added Date: 2008-08-15
Visits: 209
Country: United Arab Emirates
Detailed Description: Months: 2months and 3 weeks Kitten Colors:Pure White and mixed black and brown What is Himalayan Cats? The Himalayan cat is a mix of Persian and Siamese. It has the Siamese's color points and the Persian's long hair. The Himalayan is considered a type of Persian cat rather than a separate breed. The main body color of the Himalayan is creamy white and the point color varies, with seal point being the most common. Blue point, lilac point, chocolate point and tortoiseshell points, or tortiepoints, as well as other color point combinations are possible for Himalayan cats. The Himalayan cat is known for its bright blue eyes, color points on the face, paws, tail and ears, rounded cheeks, small eyes and large build..

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